The Experience

As unique as the women who attend Solace Gathering, so, too, their individual experience and take away…

That trip was such a great step in my faith life. I have notes in several places in my Bible from things you and God taught me. It always makes me smile when I see them. And I can’t forget my tattoo! Nothing like eating key lime pie and deciding that all four of us needed tattoos. Of course, getting to know you was a serious plus. Love ya back, Julie! ~Nancy M.


Solace was so much more that I expected. I was expecting wonderful scenery and quiet. Well, the scenery and SHELLS were awesome (insert our unique song!) and the quiet – sometimes – but the overall experience was something that I really needed. ~Joanna F.


Thank you for creating a place just for me, Julie! ~Rene D.


Loved our time together and the woman who took the journey beside me. Brought clarity and understanding. Since that time (has it really been 3 years?) God has shown me I am an Overcomer! ~Pam K.


I recommend this experience to any women who need to just be. I feel like its something that I need to do for myself every year. Time to get away, regroup, and go shelling. I will always cherish the memories, the beach and the wonderful friends that I made!  ~Julie P.


I was in awe of the group God had brought together. How our personal histories were woven of similar threads! Finding pleasure in experiencing the onion layers peel back on each of us. Watching others find beautiful treasures. Joy as we celebrated one another. Tears as we felt the pain of each other’s experience. Camaraderie arising when an outsider hurt one of “us”. Laughter and an easiness that opened our trust. On my last day there, I spent 4 or 5 hours in the water at low tide. I took pictures from the water because I wanted to be able to look back and feel the same feeling I had on that last day when I was void of the outside world. Instead, I was completely vulnerable, even desperate, for God to consume me. Each shell that had lost its  inhabitant became symbolic to me of the loneliness and holes in my heart. The warmth of the water beckoned me to stay. God’s love poured over me as He spoke to me with a simple, yet powerful message. ~Linda M.


So glad God gave you the vision for this healing and refreshing time for so many already. Looking forward to seeing how He will bring more in the years to come. ~Cheryl H.


SOLACE can be found anywhere…’s just BETTER at the beach. ~Marcia H.


A certain song undid me this morning in worship. So, so, many images from Florida came to mind. I am a better worshiper for having been to Solace. My heart was free. ~Cathy B.


What I wouldn’t give to be on the island right now! What a gift that was and I am so glad I made the investment. ~Leanne W.