Mission: to create a lavish respite where women can discover God at work, in, and for, them

Here’s what you can expect at each and every Gathering you attend:
· An exquisite private residence to call home
· Sumptuous lodging with options of private or shared bedroom and en suite
· Endless walks along the Gulf Shore coast
· Discovering the child-like pleasure of sea-shelling and the restorative power thereof
· Warm animated conversations over deliciously prepared meals
· Experiencing a protected island oasis
· Time to think about everything or nothing-at-all
· Time to laugh so hard you snort
· Time to engage & connect
· Time to be silent in the magnificence of a brilliant sunrise and soothing sunset
· Time to be invigorated, known, refreshed and energized for the continued journey of your life
· Time to consider—perhaps for the first time, the powerful truth of God being at work in, with, and for you, always
· Time to exhale–again and again and again