Questions You Might Have

Hypothetical Web Woman Asks….

Julie, why should I take the time and spend the $$ for Solace?

Why should you take the time? To discover what can happen when you exhale and allow yourself to be nurtured by nature, your host, assistants, and the company of other women. To experience what can only come as a result of getting away—truly, truly, away with miles and miles between you and the distractions and deadlines of work and home; to retreat to the beauty and solace of a salt-water beach with others who have made such an individual trip a priority.

Why should you spend the $$? Because every dollar of your expenditures will ultimately be a refunded to you in priceless experiences: be it setting foot (and beach chair!) on a world famous, first-class, destination beach location; the luxurious amenities of our home; time with new friends or a best-friend who joins you; or, the incomparable experience of your first Solace Gathering sunset—you’ll find it worth every penny spent. No one has demanded a refund yet.

Julie, how structured are the days/nights you’re planning? Will I have time to be alone? To nap? To discover the Island?
Will you have time? absolutely! Early morning and late night snacks, tea, and coffee are available for your enjoyment. Brunch is set for 10:30 a.m. and each woman is free to awaken when she desires or when the natural sunshine of a Florida morning beckons. I run Solace Gathering in the same manner I’ve approached conference and retreat keynoting since 1998; “I know where I’m going to start and I know where I’m going to take you, but what happens in-between is unique to this time and this place.” So, too, Solace. The world has enough schedule-driven conferences and retreats. Here you can expect a guest-friendly, loosely structured gathering filled with purpose and ample personal time to discover just that.

Julie, what’s expected of me?
Solace Gathering is all about exhaling, remember?  You’re expected to show up; unpack (or, live out of your suitcase, whichever you prefer); laugh; share as much or, as little, about yourself as you like; exhale, again, and embrace each and every aspect of Solace Gathering which speaks life to your body, mind, and soul.