It's Time to Exhale . . .


You don’t charge enough for this week! Everything is first-class and the food we were served by your Assistant was unbelievable. The bedroom! The bath! Pool! The beach provisions you have for all of us. And the Gulf Coast views—simply amazing. ~Becky H. 

I feel like I am on the edge of something wonderful. Thank you, from the bottom of my scorched places, for putting Solace together.
I recommend this experience to any women who need to just “be.”  ~Julie P.

I am thankful for each Solace lady; for your friendship and your strong faith in Jesus. Because of something special in each of you, I am a better person and it all happened because of Solace.  ~Kristie H.

I am grateful for the midnight walk along the beach and then going again with everyone the second night too. What is it about sitting under the stars and sky that makes us feel vulnerable and open to share? I am still in awe of the love and beauty that I felt at Solace from each of you. I left with a feeling of awe at the women God brought together.  ~Linda M.

“Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile.”

Solace Gathering is an intimate gathering for women. An easy respite from all the too-much-ness of nearly everything it often seems. It is a place to exhale–spiritually, mentally, and physically–while (re)discovering laughter and the beauty of female camaraderie.

Solace gathers women of all stripes and stories and creates space for them to dwell. If your body, mind, and soul, crave refreshment through an ocean retreat Solace Gathering fits the bill. You’ll revel in our all-inclusive lush accommodations in one of the most stunning geographical locations of the world.

You may decide to get away by yourself (we promise you’ll never feel alone) or to share a room with a friend who knows everything that could destroy you and with whom you trust empthatically. Solace Gathering takes place on the Gulf of Mexico shores of North Captiva Florida. Here you’ll find incredible seashells and possibilities of spotting manatee, dolphins, crab, eagles, and other fascinating saltwater creatures. Here sunsets will leave you speechless and never escape from memory.

We look forward to your arrival and watching as Solace Gathering has its perfect work in you.

Solace Gathering

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Solace 1: October 3-8, 2021 – SOLD OUT
Solace 2: October 10-15, 2021 – SOLD OUT
Solace 3: October 17-22, 2021