Solace Gathering Respite & Retreat…
Just get here.
We’ll eat. Laugh. Ponder deep stuff.
We’ll probably cry a random time or two. Solve world problems.
And never want to leave.


Solace Gathering offers a thoroughly unique & intimate Island getaway. Soothing comfort and focused relaxation orchestrated by popular speaker, writer, and Gathering hostess, Julie Barnhill, sets a refreshing standard of delightfully rebellious unstructured, non-typical, and non-traditional “retreating.” Forget time; forget wake-up calls; forget agendas, programs, and “do” driven getaways–now’s the time to exhale and just be.

If your body and mind craves refreshment through a mini-vacation, unique recreational choices, reward for a job well-done, and/or getaway opportunity for mother, daughter, or friends–Solace Gathering fits the bill as you and others revel in lush accommodations in some of the most stunning geographical locations in the United States.

If your mind and spirit longs for spiritual renewal and unhindered non-interrupted conversations with your hostess or new Solace friend, or quiet walks along a miles long beach or unhurried give-and-go with other guests, or simply a place to let go—you need look no further than Solace Gathering.

What you can expect to find at any Solace Gathering you attend:
• individual time with your retreat hostess
• stellar “home away from home” surroundings & furnishings
• breathtaking scenes only nature can provide
• spiritual restoration
• laughter, lots of laughter
• spirited conversations over deliciously healthy home cooked meals

Solace Gathering affords you the opportunity to:
• think about everything or nothing-at-all
• sort through your stuff
• do everything or nothing-at-all (crazy concept for a retreat, eh?)
• focus on what’s important
• engage & connect
• ask difficult questions (we may not have “the” answer but you’ll always be heard)
• slip away by yourself
• gasp at the brilliance of a sunrise or soothing sunset
• be invigorated, known, refreshed and energized
• consider the powerful truth of God at work in, with, and for you

Solace Gathering gives you permission to exhale–time and time again.